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Taiwan’s Famous Wonton House,

Taikee Wonton, Is Now In The Bay Area!

We are very excited to introduce our famous wonton to the people of Bay Area, bringing our Taiwanese food culture to you and your family.

Tai Kee Wonton is one of the oldest and famous wonton restaurants in Taiwan. We have been making wonton for the last three generations. Each wanton that goes into your bowl has it’s ingredients hand-picked and we make them as you order to ensure quality and freshness that our wontons are known for. You will never catch us buying wonton wrappers from local makers as we make them ourselves. Our wonton wrapper is hand-made as well. Each bite of our wonton will definitely make you remember the familiar taste and texture that you so love... only TaiKee Wonton can make them this GOOD!


戴記扁食有著四代祖傳的好手藝,花蓮扁食始祖, 戴阿火, 是我們的第一代始創經營者.

抗戰後初期,戴阿火向福建人習得扁食的做法,經過改良成為大眾喜愛的口味, 並將此手藝傳承給下一代經營,一代傳一代至今已是第四代在經營.我們有非常獨特的手藝, 自製的扁食皮, 皮薄滑嫩,廣受大眾的喜愛,歡迎大家來品嚐我們的扁食,盡情享受濃厚的古早味.

有道地的台灣小吃,店內著名的扁食湯,更是每桌必點的美食佳餚,麵皮細嫩且久煮不爛,肉餡質細多汁,香醇可口, 湯頭則是大骨慢熬,卻是清爽不油膩!滷到入味的控肉飯更是香軟滑嫩,筒仔米糕醬料完全手工精緻獨步彎區,豬排飯鮮嫩多汁,四樣的配菜,清爽不油膩.

Here’s a video on how you can make a mouth-watering bowl of piping hot wontons at home.

I love their wontons, so delicious. The thin wonton wrapping silky and soft, the filling meat tucked inside. A simple broth with a little bit of celery and fried shallot. Delicious soup.

You can now enjoy the same quality taste and freshness of our famous wonton at the comfort of your home. Take home a box of wontons today! Fried onion shreds and diced celery included!

Taikee Wonton      2092 Concourse Drive, #1, San Jose, CA 95131     Tel: 408-432-8889     Fax: 408-432-8887


Store Address:

2092 Concourse Drive, #1, San Jose CA 95131


Tel: 408-432-8889

Fax: 408-432-8887

Business Hours:

Mon : 10:30am - 2:30pm / Dinner CLosed

Tue - Sun: 10:30am - 2:30pm / 5pm - 9pm

Nov. 27 - 30: Thanksgiving Vacation

Dec. 24: Lunch Only

Dec. 25 - Jan 4: New Year Vacation